WOW Youth


Activities of the project


Activities of the project

The project's activities at glance

  1. Two partnership meetings: in Genoa (IT) at the start of the project (Oct.2015), and in Cluj-Napoca (RO / Nov.2016), during which partners will discuss the project life-cycle, reporting, the progress in development of the products and outputs, administrative questions and will conduct peer-evaluation of the implementation;
  2. Collection/development, discussion and adaptation of a tool-kit with at least 25 learning scenarios that match the identified priority topics, described according to a common structural template;
  3. Preparation of program and training materials for capacity building training course for youth workers;
  4. Translation of the learning scenarios and the training materials in partners’ languages (ES, IT, BT, RO, TR and in EN)
  5. Two collaborative workshops in Santiago (Chile) and in Istanbul (Turkey) with youth workers from Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Chile (3 participants per country) who will discuss, elaborate and refine the suggested learning scenarios;
  6. One international training event – 5-days long capacity-building course for youth workers in Sofia (Bulgaria), which will test the program and will provide valuable feedback with the view of its further implementation. During the training, youth workers who participated in the workshops and the project experts will deliver training to another 35 trainees (total of 50 participants);
  7. Tool-kit e-publication – a handbook with learning scenarios, translated in partners’ languages and available on-line as multilingual Open Educational Resource;
  8. Five cascading seminars with dissemination purpose – one per partner country (BG, TR, RO, IT, Chile)
  9. A portfolio for informing stakeholders, authorities and decision makers in EN and in partners’ national languages – (BG, TR, RO, IT, ES)
  10. Newsletter (3 issues / one per every 6 months) – dissemination instruments to promote the project outcomes and events;
  11. A multilingual project web-site.