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People of the project


People of the project

Our crew

Reni Dimova

Project coordinator. Background: initiator and coordinator with more than 25 implemented projects, among which also educational cooperative projects under Comenius, Lingua and Accompanying measures; extended experience in implementing educational and youth project in the context of the South-East Europe; teacher trainer (incl. trainings on LLP and project management); Master Degree in Bulgarian Philology by Sofia University, Faculty of Slavic Studies.

Alexander Angelov

Rich technological background. Five year experience in teacher training in ICT and educational software. Experience in software development, educational software, interactive educational games /edutainment/ and animation. Contact person and responsible for communication within CCT network /Ministry, Municipalities, Universities, Schools, kindergartens, NGOs, and other kind of institutions/. Since May 2013 Alexander is also a Google certified individual. He graduated the technical university in Sofia, in Industrial Management.

Iva Krastanova

Iva Krastanova has been involved in numerous CCTA activities, as trainer, trainer of trainers, and project co-coordinator at local level. Currently coordinator of CCTA’s youth projects (Exchanges, seminars, initiatives). Iva is dedicated to the topics “Sustainable development”, “Key competencies” and the ET2020 strategy. Since May 2013 Iva is a Google certified individual.

Delyana Bratanova

With just acquired MA in Microbiology and Bachelor in Molecular Biology, Delyana Bratanova is CCTA education resourses expert; Delyana is dedicated in identification and dissemination of Educational resources (mostly in STEM subjects) to teachers in Bulgaria and abroad. The Scientific background and ICT competences , database management and pedagogy specialization mix a skillset complementary to the CCTA scope and activities. Delyana is also operationally managing the Teamwork Training and Technology Network steering committee of STEM experts. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Mariela Georgieva

Mariela is currently following PhD programme in Social Pedagogy; She is experienced trainer and event manager, intern in SOS village in Litva (6 months) and Social Integration Center in Ruse, Bulgaria (3 months), participant and team leader in numerous Youth in Action trainings, exchanges and events. As part of the CCTA team Mariela is operations and coordination specialist for events projects. Fluent in English and Deutsch

Ugur Gazanker

Ugur Gazanker is the founder of Doga Schools. He developed the Natural Learning Concept. Within this concept the current educational systems must not be static, but the contrary – act as dynamic and innovative structures. It is needed for the teachers to take the students out of the traditional classroom, to approach them through different means and to adopt continuous development as a principle. He has been managing the campuses of Doga Schools successfully for 10 years. Each year he aims to improve the teaching quality in his campuses, linking up with societal developments. This includes enriching the teaching system with modern technology and science education.

Zuhal Yılmaz Dogan

Zuhal Yılmaz Dogan has gained great experience as project coordinator. She contributed to the development of on-line courses and coordinated project activities in schools in LLP Projects,, She has extended experience as a foreign language teacher and a teacher trainer of MoNE to train the language teachers on current methodologies and programs. She had studies about the applicability of “A CEF-R for Languages” in public schools during her master education and currently she is studying on teacher training as a PhD student at Yıldız Technical University of Program Design and Development Department. Courses that she gives as trainer are INTEL TAO program and teacher training programs on educational projects and instructional designs on interdisciplinary teaching.

Dr. Didem Sünbül

Dr. Didem Sünbül received B.Sc. in Physics, İstanbul University, 1995; M.Sc., and Ph.D. in Physics Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, 2000, and 2007, respectively. Since 1995, she has been working as a physics teacher at MoNE. She has conducted many national and international project. She is working as the expert of NTSE project. Her research interests are polymerization kinetics, applied mathematics, simulation and modeling of copolymers.

Sedef Altaş

Sedef Altaş works as international project development officer at Doga Schools. She graduated from Kocaeli University as International Relations expert and then she attended master classes in Paris Lodron University and Kocaeli University in Social Sciences Institute, International Relations and European Union department. During her master she started to work in the Consulate General of Turkey, in Austria. During this period, she had the opportunity to obtain experience in official correspondence, social responsibility project, corporate communications, representations and organization issues. In addition to these experiences, she made observations about Turkey’s EU process and EU Projects.

Ioana Filipaș

  • time management skills, good organizer, good coordinator, good communicator
  • technical skills: audio-video editing, photography and photo editing
  • has participated to a series of trainings and youth exchanges within Youth in Action framework
  • Advanced Training On Quality in youth exchanges (ATOQ) within Youth in Action programme, Yyteri (Finland), May 2013
  • Training course on non-formal education and Youth in Action programme, Cluj-Napoca (Romania), November 2012
  • Training course on writing projects within Youth in Action framework, Cluj-Napoca (Romania), April 2011
  • Participant and Romanian team leader at the international Youth in Action youth exchange ”Focusing on Human Rights”, Izmir (Turkey), November 2010
  • Participant and Romanian team leader at the international Youth in Action youth exchange ”Meeting place 43.49 N / 24.38 E Izbiceni”, Izbiceni (Olt, Romania), September 2010
  • Participant at the international Youth in Action youth exchange ”EuroArt Camp”, Câmpina (Romania), April 2010

George Prundaru

  • Adobe certified expert in Photoshop CS4
  • technical skills: audio-video editing, photo editing, photography, graphic design (advanced skills: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Corel Draw, Sony SoundForge)
  • PhD in communication sciences (video games as a medium of communication)

Radu Meza

  • technical skills: web design, graphic design
  • artistic skills: drawing, painting, sculpture
  • PhD in sociology (structure and dynamics of popular online networking systems)

Fiorella Operto

Education in Philosophy. She speaks fluently French and English, and can read Spanish and German. Following her studies, she moved to the United States for a while, where she worked for a Publishing House in Washington, D.C. Back home, she started a book series devoted to science dissemination (I Dialoghi, Di Renzo Editore). She has acquired specific experience in science dissemination and popularization, working in collaboration with Scientific Laboratories and Research Centres in Europe and in the United States, starting from the position that research in science and dissemination of scientific knowledge must go hand in hand. Her activity pivots around the use and invention of new means of communicating scientific discoveries and hypothesis to a non specific Readership, means mediated through every form of communication (novels, theatre, movies, documentaries, music, adverts), while maintaining the content true and accurate. From 1999 she has co-operated with the CNR-IAN Robotics Department of the National Research Council in Genoa, Italy, promoting the knowledge and understanding of the new science of Robotics. She is President of the School of Robotics, which she co-founded in 2000.
She likes learning languages; trekking and skiing.

Emanuele Micheli

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, University of Genoa, Italy, in 2004 with a thesis on the modular worm robot.
In his first research activity he worked on rescue robotics.
He has worked as designer for Telerobot, where he folllowed a humanoid project. After this he was responsible for the organization of the Robot@School Network originally founded in 2005 by the Italian Ministry for Education. At the end of the funding, he lead the network as deputy head of School of Robotics. Project Manager of the Regional Center of “Roberta goes EU” a European project. In recent years he has organized a considerable amount of teacher training courses and since 2009 he has been collaborating with the University of Genoa (for Industrial Design) on a project on Design and robotics. He researches robotics for people with special needs and follow many theses such as: Roboable, a interactive device for autistic children or people with cognitive difficulties; the design of iCub, a thesis about the study of a cover for a humanoid; the Godi Project is on the creation of a device for creating and designing living spaces, Robot-Era is the last thesis on design of a humanoid robot dedicated to assistance for the elderly.
In the 2010 he is studying the use of educational robotics with autistic children and in hospital. From 2012 to 2013 he followed a research project about Cloud Robotics and the creation of robot-human interfaces.
He is the exclusive teacher for introducing industrial robotics at high school level.
He organizes and coordinates educational projects on underwater robotics from high school level to university.

Davide Canepa

Davide is experienced trainer and young promoter. His experience varies from organization of events, education activities and operational management. He graduated in Electronics. Since 2009 he is cooperating with the School of Robotics in Electronics and Computer Science. Certified Expert of LabView software; trainer of Advanced Arduino courses. He is responsible of School of Robotics Underwater Robot Project. 2009 Awarded by the Campus Party Committee; 2010 Finalists of the Festival of Young Talents by the Italian Ministry of Youth.

Mr. PhD. Luis Lizama

Psychology Complutense University, master degree in international migrations, PHD © in Education. UCM. Vice president of University of Aconcagua, Chile (2014).
ICT adviser Project management, training trainers, design e-learning and face to face courses CECE – Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza – Spanish Confederation of Educational Centres , Madrid , Spain.(1999-2013)
Teacher at the Master of ICT and Education (Santillana Group, Barcelona University, Alicante University, Carlos III University) to teach international teachers in Marketing Multimedia techniques (2004-2012)
Chaiperson “ The innovative Scholl Agenda” Online Educa Berlin (2009) International experience working in Europe and Latin-America during the last 15 years: Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, UK, Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Holland, and also in Latin America, Costa Rica, and Chile

Ximena Vargas

Civil Mining Engineer
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
National Mining Area Coordinator
Skills in creating and tracking projects and formulating career plans in areas of mining engineering. Good communication skills and university teaching.

Adela Silva

University Director in Viña del Mar, Quilpué
Bachelor of Education
Magister Mention Education in Educational Management. Expert on quality management Good communication skills, teamwork and communication with young students.

Yoana Alvarez

Head of Finance, Postgraduate department
Executive professional with extensive experience in commercial areas Leadership skills Work equipment and experience in implementing plans aimed Customer Service to the Marketing and Promotion of Products or Services.