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Long term result


Long term results


The WoW project envisages sustainable long-term commutation with target groups. There will be 300+ directly involved youth workers, in chain of activities who will receive the WoW training materials and know-how, and access to the tool-kit with learning scenarios. The 15 youth workers who will take part in the development of the learning scenarios for the WoW tool-kit will participate also in the International capacity-building course for youth workers in Sofia (Bulgaria) and will act as trainers. They will continue their work in the future and will share their experience and the competences from the project with peers.

The multiplication approach will be further applied with the organisation of the cascading seminars in each country (Feb.2017), during which the youth workers, involved in the International capacity-building course will pass on their skills to wider number of youth in each partner country.

All partners are in touch with the project target groups – young people and youth workers – and are interested in sustaining and multiplying the products, as the project outputs are complimentary to their youth activities and curricula: CCTA (P1), FSPAC (P3) and Scuola di Robotica (P4) – through youth seminars and non-formal trainings; DOGA (P2) – in its extracurricular activities for high-schools students under t-MBA initiative, UAC (P5) – in its professional development centre, career orientation centres and re-qualification programs.

Partners in collaboration will initiate international capacity-building training for youth workers, which will be promoted as training opportunity for mobility projects for youth workers under Erasmus+ KA1 in 2017.

The project website will be available for at least 5 years after the project lifetime and will be used for communication with the project target groups alongside with the social media groups and pages in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Through these channels will be announced follow-up training events and further exploitation initiatives of the project outcomes.

Youth workers from all over Europe and beyond will have open access to the project products in EN, ES, IT, BG, RO and TR languages, which will be available for free download form the project web-site.

The wide project target groups will be contacted by three-way approach: (1) by partners’ institutional networks (through dedicated activities, which utilises both training and tool-kit). (2) peer-to-peer by youth and youth workers and (3) by stakeholders, via their networks, as all project results will be shared with local and regional youth policy decision makers such as the Ministries of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, Regional Inspectorates of Education, etc. (since the WoW training guidelines can be promoted via URLs, QR codes, newsletters).

Networking with decision makers for youth policy:

World skills of World youth for better employability is striving to develop the cooperation and operational capacity of all partners and the involved stakeholders. WoW project portoflio for informing stakeholders, authorities and decision makers in local language, which will be prepared and spread will be used as an invitation to structural dialogue with the policy and decision-makers in the field of youth and with representatives of the business.