WOW Youth


Benefits to young people


Benefits to directly involved young people

Cascading Approach to improve the benefit of the project

Youth workers involved in the WoW workshops and training activities will be master skills to work on and with the learning scenarios in simulations addressed at young people and aimed on the development of their competences, suitable for the world of work. Each participant will receive the training materials developed during the lifetime of the project, will have free access to the entire content of the WoW tool-kit (permanently also after the end of the project) and will get a Youthpass certificate (where applicable). In cases where sending organization is involved, hosting organization will aim at issuing of Europass Mobility Certificate.

The project applies cascading approach through which the trained young people are further engaged as trainers in the project events, which allows mastering trainers’ skills with the support of the peers and passing on and multiplication of the expertise they have gained.

The participants in the project activities will be individuals or members of youth organisations, community based centers or else, which will be approached and invited to join the project activities and to master youth workers’ skills that will increase also their personal capacities.

The stakeholders of the WoW project are career consulting and youth community centers, youth training organisations, private and municipal employment agencies, non-formal training providers, employers’ associations, policy and decision makers in education and social welfare. Representatives of the stakeholders will be kept informed about the project and its outcomes through the project newsletters and direct communication. They will be invited to provide feedback on the project outputs and to join public project activities (such as the cascading seminars). By the end of the project they will be addressed with a specially prepared WoW project portfolio, which will contain key content from the project events and links to the project outputs. The project stakeholders will be invited to consider the project achievements in their work for spreading the information among wither professional audience and for exploitation of the project results in new regions and contexts.