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Toolkit - Seed to harvest opportunities


Seed to harvest opportunities

Learning areas » Agriculture


We understand employment problems and create strategies to solve them

Target group

18-25 years old


45 min

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Enterpreneurship

Expected learning outcomes

Understanding problem areas relative to employability and alternative employability
Analyse and apply different multimedia, assertive communication and negotiation skills tools in the project’s action plan
Implement solution strategies relative to diagnosing the reality employability development


Place / Environment

Training hall

Tools / Materials / Resources

Step by step description of the activity / content

A January afternoon, at San Felipe Square, Pablo, Cecilia and Julian were having an ice cream to cool the heat down. The three of them had just left High School and have an important dream in their minds: that of studying agronomy; but, different reasons –economical, family and personal ones- will force them to wait for another year.

They think of looking for an employment, save money and use their time differently.

Their idea is to find out opportunities in agriculture, not in packing services though, the quickest way, but by opening development opportunities through an innovative and different kind of project. Difficulties arise when they scan the options around the region to get experience and be inserted in the work place.


They finally realize they want to develop an undertaking project and see what would be the best alternatives, and ideas begin to come to their minds. Lack of knowledge in the matter and different ideas make the organization difficult as well as the prioritization of the activities. The question comes as to, what do they need to do for themselves? When they start losing motivation  and future visualization, Cecilia suggest that they need to be advised by someone to give them knowledge through experience and help them understand how to get both resources and skills  for an entrepreneurship project with continuity and feasibility.

How can we help Pablo, Cecilia and Julian?

If we were them, What should we do in their skin?

Who can we resort to?

Let us build a learning planner

Three working tables will be assigned for the participants to represent our characters. Strategies to address the scenario will be developed based on the question: What would we do? The team will develop a proposal for the action plan and undertaking plan. Every table will have theoretical and practical tools available.


Finally, presentation of all different proposals and ideas will allow a global strategy to be built from the micro analysis to a macro final idea.


Assessment & Evaluation