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Toolkit - Create your website


Create your website

Learning areas » Agriculture


Create the website for your start-up

Target group

15-18 years old


80 mins

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Informational and communication technologies
  • Media literacy

Expected learning outcomes

An individual can make a Wordpress setup.
An individual can create a product by using online tools.

An individual can make a group work.


Place / Environment

Classroom, computer rooms

Tools / Materials / Resources

Poster papers, colourful pencils, marker pens, paint, sticky tape, colourful papers, colourful cardboards
Computer, internet access

Step by step description of the activity / content

The trainer asks whether anyone has done a blog activity before. Then the trainer introduces the class topic by saying “Everybody has found their product due to the “Ezine Cheese Brand” story, done creating a logo, learned how to be a brand name. This time you will design your product’s website”. Every group takes a poster paper and colorful pencils. Every group starts planning their steps before creating their websites. While planning, the
groups should answer the following questions:
 What is your blog? What does it provide?
 Who are you and who is your audience?
 Information about Ezine.
 Information about Ezine Cheese.
 Information about variations of Ezine Cheese
 Price List.
 Why a consumer should buy things from you?
 What distinguishes your product from the other ones?
According to the questions, the groups create their blog drafts, makes a
research and gets information about the topic.
After blog drafting, the groups start planning the menu titles, menu
subheadings, planning the information that will be included to the website.
At this point every group makes a poster that presents their website and their
product. The trainer distributes the poster making equipment.
Then the trainer wants from every group to enter
website. Every group enters the website and creates an account. The trainer
introduces the interface. Groups finish their blogs by following the trainer’s
After creating a blog, every group presents their blogs. They talk about the
strongest and the weakest points and opportunities of their blogs that
differentiates their blog from others’.


The trainer distributes rubric and all the participants fill the rubric.

Assessment & Evaluation

Participants who chose their field names free, can change their names and
create a professional look.