WOW Youth


Toolkit - Permaculture



Learning areas » Agriculture


We discover permaculture, that is a way of cultivating eco-sustainable and philosophical.

Target group

15-18 years old


90 mins

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills

Expected learning outcomes

An individual can define a permaculture.
An individual can define permaculture’s philosophy.
An individual can define what can be changed in human lives with permaculture.
An individual can define how to implement permaculture into life.
An individual can give feedback for other groups’ presentations.
An individual can make a group work.
An individual can create a story with a group work.


Place / Environment

Classroom, outdoor..

Tools / Materials / Resources

Colorful pencils, postit, scissors, sticky tape, smartboard or a projektor or a colorful cardboard, marker pens

Step by step description of the activity / content

The trainer begins class with a game and separates participants into 2 groups. The trainer selects one person from each group and tells the rules;

  • Participant get separated into two groups as Group 1 and Group 2.
  • Group 2, selects a word to explain. (the words are about permaculture)
  • Selected participants should be the ones who have found the words.
  • The participant who will explain the word, should be the only one who sees the word.
  • While one group is playing the game the other group shouldn’t talk.
  • While guessing the word, the other groups’ members shouldn’t talk.
  • To guess the word, the group has 1minute. If they couldn’t find the
    word they can’t get points and the other group guesses, and if they
    give the correct answer they take the point.
  • For every correct answers the groups gains 1point.

According to the rules, participants play the “guessing the word game”. With this game, the trainer tests their permaculture knowledge and takes their attention to that topic.

The words that should be used during the game ;

  • Sustainability
  • Agriculture
  • Farmer
  • Energy
  • Soil

After the game according to the scores, winning team gets selected.
Then the trainer distributes a permaculture story and gives some time to the
participants to read.
The trainer asks; “What did you understand from Ufuk’s story? , What is Ufuk
doing? , What does permaculture mean to you? , What is permaculture’s
philosophy? , What kind of things can be changed with permaculture? , How a
permaculture can be implemented into our lives? “.
After this discussion, the trainer separates class into 5 groups. Then tells
them, in 1 minute they should write words to the postits about what they
understand from permaculture and stick them to their desks. After writing the
words the trainer tells them to create a story by using the written words.
First member of the group selects a word and starts telling a story with that
word. Then the other member takes another word and continues the first
member’s story. After everyone talks in the group the story ends. With this
activity, every group creates a story about permaculture and these stories get
recorded and everyone listens these recorded stories.


The trainer distributes a feedback form to everyone. During listening to the
stories, every group evaluates others’ stories.

Assessment & Evaluation

Every group can work together and create an enjoyable story that depicts