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Toolkit - Composition and Comprehension Story


Composition and Comprehension Story

Learning areas » Business


We understand where communication problems could arise with a practical example.

Target group

18-25 anni


45 min

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills

Expected learning outcomes

- Analysis of composition and Reading comprehension
- Identification of communication strong and weak points weak points
- Interaction in practical situations
- Reflexions on the importance of interpersonal communication and understanding


Place / Environment

Training hall

Tools / Materials / Resources

Odd number groups are formed (3 or 5 people), who will be given a text (or Project one on a screen) to be read and answer some questions. Then, a representative of each group is asked to justify the answer proposed by the group.

Once the presentations are over, the teacher will explain the correct answer, showing the informational gaps and the reactions produced.


Finally, conclusions are drawn by the class, and each student can contribute according to his/her own experience.


- Customer: a person who sees an advertisement and writes an e-mail to get more information about it.

The advertisement shows an image of solar panels, MPPT 12-24 v/$ A regulator, and a power inverter with charger, comsumption, and an e-mail. No values are expressed.

- Company: The one who advertises solar panels through a written channel. Receives through an e-mail, questions from a possible customer and he answers back via e-mail as well.

- Initial e-mail, customer – Company:


Dear … Co.

I saw an advertisement offering solar panels, and I would like to receive more information about it.


- Answer from the Co. to the customer:

Dear Customer:

Thanks for writing to us.

Our solar panels are done according to your needs.

With this information, we can prepare a quotation especially for you.


- Second customer response to the Co.


Dear Co.

Thanks for your answer.



What is the communicative mistake?

What is the answer the Co. should have given?

If the customer was not happy with information given, what he/she should have done?


1.- Improve Publicity

2.- Generate adequate communication feedback, according to interests. From the customer point of view, improve the question to get the desired information; from the Co. point of view, give an answer considering the interest of the customer in order to close a business in the short term.

3.- Be more knowledgeable on sales.

Step by step description of the activity / content


Assessment & Evaluation