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Toolkit - The Telephone


The Telephone

Learning areas » Green Ship


A game to understand the problems you can encounter during verbal communication

Target group

15-18 years old


45 min

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills

Expected learning outcomes

- Analysis of verbal communicative skills and active listening
- Identification of communication barriers
- Incorporation of communication feedback
- Interaction of practical situations
- Reflexions on communicational weak points producing incomplete messages


Place / Environment

Training hall

Tools / Materials / Resources

paper, pen

Step by step description of the activity / content

A student is asked to write a five-line story with details like: “today I got up at 6 in the morning, I had breakfast, milk and chocolate cereals and a green apple. I was late to take the bus for my maths class starting at 8:30…”  once the story is over, he is taken the sheet of paper off  and he/she is asked to tell the story to one of his/her classmates who will listen carefully without asking any question. Then, the listener is to tell the same story to another classmate under the same conditions (not asking, only listening). And the sequence goes on until all classmates listen to the same story. Once the last one is over, he/she is asked to write this down on the board.

Finally, the story written on the paper is read out loud and compared to what has been written on the board.

Why did the message change?

What should have been done to prevent the message from changing?

What external tools will help us improve the transmission of verbal messages?

1.- Learning to have an active listening

2.- Learning to generate feedback and paraphrasing

3.-Use supportive tools at the listening moment, for exempla, take notes, recordings, etc.

Repeat the activity, but under an active listening attitude, with feedback, paraphrasing and supportive tools; then assess the activity once again .



Assessment & Evaluation