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Toolkit - Mark Registration


Mark Registration

Learning areas » Bees and Honey


We learn the steps and advantages of registering a trademark

Target group

15-18 years old


40 mins

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Enterpreneurship

Expected learning outcomes

Ability to define service mark registration.
Ability to identify service mark registration opportunities.
Ability to say making a service mark registration steps.


Place / Environment


Tools / Materials / Resources

Poster; colourful pencils, marker pens

Step by step description of the activity / content

Trainer say “you create your own logo now let’s us make your brand”
“In your opinion what is brand?”
After Students say their definition, teacher say their own definition to confirmation and correct mistakes.
“What provide service mark registration?”
Expected answer:

  • To avoid similar brand, to avoid fake.
  • Brand is a sign that defines that a service or a product is belong to a specific company and differentiates one’s product and service from other companies.

Participants separate into groups. Every group takes a poster paper and pencils. It is asked from the groups to do mind map activity. Key word is “Trademark Registration”. While doing mind mapping there should be no group talking, no scribbling on the diagram, no scribbling others’ writingsand expected from the groups to create new ideas and to complete each other.
Mind Map activity can be done through website.

After creating a mind map, every group presents their maps.
After this step the trainer introduces how to get a trademark registration.
“What should we pay attention while making a trademark registration?”
“A brandonly resembles its own domain knowledge. For restaurants, its
trademark registration should be assigned as a restaurant otherwise the
registration wouldn’t provide any protection. About this subject, we should
get help from the experts. ”
“What does a patent deputy do?”

  • To choose correct working area for your service registration.
  • To provide correct direction for all steps on service registration.

What do you need for service registration?

  • Your identity card and address information
  • Procuration proxy to patent deputy
  • Bank receipt for appeal fee
  • Brand logo

“You applied for service registration and won. Now, which rights do product
owners have?”

  • Your product may not sell without your permission
  • Your product may not imitate in indistinguishable way


After the discussion SWOT analyses are delivered to students. They make
SWOT analyses about service registration.

Assessment & Evaluation