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Toolkit - Schengen Visa for Jobs


Schengen Visa for Jobs

Learning areas » Green Ship


The Schengen visa allows free movement in most European countries. Let's see how to use it for job applications.

Target group

Age: 15-18
Level of education: high school or lower


50 mins

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills

Expected learning outcomes

Pupils will have a general understanding on how to prepare a CV, how to present themselves with writing and speaking while experiencing mock-up business interviews.
• The understanding the ‘anatomy of a job openning’: Reading and de-constructing the skills needed in a job announcement. (analytical thinking and creativity skills)
• Preparing a tailored resume (writing skills- written communication)
• Having mock-up job interviews (presentation skills- verbal communication)


Inquiry based learning, role playing   

Place / Environment

Classroom, outdoor…

Tools / Materials / Resources

Computers, internet, Job passports, stamps (for job visas)

Step by step description of the activity / content

  • Students will receive the instructions and they will have their job passport. They will learn what a job passport is and what a job visa is. They will have a different perspective on how to understand job announcements, how to prepare a tailored resume. They will also experience the both sides of a job interview to better understand what the companies look for. The instructions will take app. 10 minutes.
  • Job passport will have 10 different job announcements (prepared by trainers by copying actual job opennings). Students will de-construct the skills and needs mentioned according to the instructions mentioned. Trainers will be visiting each student. app. 10 minutes.
  • They will prepare their resume on the templates emailed to them. App. 10 minutes.
  • For the first ten minutes, 1st group (10 people) will be the employer and makes the mock-up job interviews with 2nd group (10 people). On the second run, they will change it. App. 20 minutes.


Each student will have their job passport with/without visa and the explanation of their visa approval or refusal.

Assessment & Evaluation

On each job passport, there will a basic rubric for job visa evaluation. Also a website can be created on ‘how to do job hunt’ where students can find PDF versions of Job Passport, Job Visa and the rubric. They can also have the sample job announcements so they can train themselves more (with other 9 job announcements) by playing the game with one of their friends by exchaning roles.