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Toolkit - Customer Persona Creation and Marketing Communications


Customer Persona Creation and Marketing Communications

Learning areas » Bees and Honey


We create different types of Customer Persona and Communication for our marketing

Target group

15-22 aged


2 sessions, approx. 45 minutes each

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Informational and communication technologies
  • Media literacy

Expected learning outcomes

Website creation
Analyzing and developing social media accounts
Working in teams
Developing a product marketing perspective


Place / Environment

Computers and classrooms

Tools / Materials / Resources

Computer, internet connection, post-it, A3 papers, colored markers

Step by step description of the activity / content

Instructor explains ‘what is a customer  persona?’ and why it is important.
‘A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer
based on market research and real data about your existing customers.
When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer
demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed
you are, the better.’ ( )
Customer persona provides real insights to entrepreneurs without spending
too much time and money on market research.
Students work in groups.
Customer Persona
She gives the example in the following.

Then Instructor asks them to think about someone who could buy their
products and advise them to think about themselves, their friends or
someone they know.
Instructor suggest them to give a name to their customer persona and
- Where they live?
- How old they are?
- What is their gender?
- What does their daily life look like?
- What is the last movie they watched?
- Where do they hang around?
- What are the brands they like?
- What artists do they follow?
- What is their favorite food?
- What is their favorite color?
Groups draw a customer persona poster (a map where customer photo in the

Each groups spend 10 minutes to develop the poster and then present it to the large group to get feedback. Presentations take 7-10 minutes in total.
Once they define their persona, Instructors explain ‘what is a marketing message, how to develop an annual marketing plan, who uses which social media channels, how the editorial process work, how often they should post something according to each social media channel’.
On the second session, Instructor asks each group to set up a wordpress website, a facebook page and/or an instagram page. This session takes 10 minutes.
Once they set up their accounts, they craft their first post with photos and share. This session takes 10 minutes. After their first share, the large group follows, likes and engages with their first sharing.
Each group presents their website and social media accounts for 5 minutes.


The large group and instructor provides feedback at the presentations.

Assessment & Evaluation