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Toolkit - Write your own happyfesto


Write your own happyfesto

Learning areas » Green Ship


We define our principles, aims and ways of acting with a manifesto

Target group

15-18 years old


Minutes or training sessions;
90 mins;

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills

Expected learning outcomes

The participant will be able to define a Manifesto.
The participant will be able to define the steps of writing a Manifesto.
The participant will be able to create/publish/present the content of Manifesto.


Place / Environment

Classroom, outdoor…

Tools / Materials / Resources

  • Colored pencils, postit, scissors, worksheet1, worksheet2, worksheet3, poster paper, computer, internet access

Step by step description of the activity / content

The trainer begins class by asking “What is Manifesto?”, then divides class into groups. Groups take poster papers and colored pens. Then the trainer do the “talking pen” activity. The trainer gives the word manifesto and asks them to create a mind map. While mind mapping, it is not allowed to talk among the groups. While writing, members can complete other group member’s thoughts and create new ideas. To lead participants, the trainer asks “what is manifesto? What is manifesto about? Why we write manifesto?”

This activity can be done by using an online tool:
After mind mapping, every group presents their mind maps. To avoid from
misconception, the trainer gives his/her definition of manifesto.
“A manifesto is a formal declaration of what you believe in, your values, your
purpose, and your goals. This formal declaration will give you a rule in which
to make all your business decisions. If it does not fit, it does not happen.”
The trainer tells that they will prepare Manifesto / Happyfesto. While preparing
manifesto, groups’ manifestos should consist on “How can I preserve nature?
How can I make nature better?” principles. The trainer shows samples of a
happyfesto and tells why people use it.
The trainer informs participants about 3 phases of preparing manifesto:
3.Make It Powerful
The trainer tells “your happyfesto consists of you basic principles. To write
your principles you should know what your principles are. This phases is about
to identify your principles.” (the document is attached/ worksheet1)
The trainer tells the instructions:
Answer the questions with your first answer that comes to your mind. Do a
brainstorming. Don’t worry about the accuracy of your answer. You will have a
chance to change your answer afterwards. Create 5 to 10 ideas for the
Who are you?
What do you do?
What do you believe in?
What do you want to accomplish?
The ideas that you have written, circle key words that defines you better among
those ideas.
The trainer gives some time to the participants to answer these questions.

The trainer tells to prepare an outline for their happyfesto by using the words
that they have circled and then to identify their principles. The trainer
distributes postits and scissors to the groups. If any group wants to organize
their thoughts faster, they can write their ideas to the postits. (worksheet2)
Make It Powerful
In this phase every group identifies their principles and organize them. They
write their manifesto by using an advanced language. (worksheet3)


Created happyfestos are shared among the groups and with rubric, groups give
feedback about the happfestos. ***

Assessment & Evaluation