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Toolkit - Joomag



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Create the cover of our magazine

Target group

15-18 years old


Minutes or training sessions;
40 mins;

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Informational and communication technologies
  • Media literacy

Expected learning outcomes

- The participant will be able to give feedback on other groups’ presentations.
- The participant will be able to make a group discussion.
- The participant will be able to design the phases of creating a magazine.


Place / Environment

Computer room, classroom

Tools / Materials / Resources

Computer, internet connection

Step by step description of the activity / content

The trainers asks that what the participants think about the magazine. Participants are divided into groups. A magazine is given to the each group. Groups look at the magazine then trainer asks;

  • What did take your attention?
  • What are the basic features of creating a magazine?
  • What is the most important thing while designing a magazine?
  • Do you have an idea that how these magazine are designed?

The trainer and the groups discuss these questions and the trainer asks; Would you like to design your own magazine?
It is expected to get the answer “yes”. Then the trainer asks “Do you know how to design your own magazine?” and “Which steps should you follow?”.
While getting the answers, the trainer distributes written and non-sequential papers that are about the phases to create a magazine. Every group has 5 minutes to discuss and put those papers in order. Then the groups tell their answers and say their reason that why they put in that order.

  1. Come up with an idea – write a proposal
  2. Research / Explore / Learn
  3. Write / Script
  4. Storyboard / Plan
  5. Gather / Create Images / Audio / Video
  6. Put it all together
  7. Share
  8. Feedback and reflect

After that activity, the trainer introduces “Joomag” that helps to create a magazine.

Every group enters Joomag and creates an account. While creating account, the trainer directs them.

Every group creates a page and starts to design. While designing, it asked to follow the steps at the below from groups.

While groups preparing their designs, the trainer mentors the groups. Every group shares their magazine.


Every group evaluates the other groups’ magazines according to the feedback form. The trainer checks not to have incomplete forms.

Assessment & Evaluation

Every group can improve their magazine according to the feedbacks.