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Toolkit - Blind Guardian


Blind Guardian

Learning areas » Green Ship


With a group game we live a sensory experience by putting ourselves in the shoes of a blind person

Target group

15-18 years old, high school students
Groups of 4-5 students


90 min

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Informational and communication technologies
  • Sense of self & community

Expected learning outcomes

- Efficiently use all their resources in order to fulfil tasks;
- Develop their teamwork skills by working together in groups and bringing together all their competences and expertise for the common aim;
- (as a teambuilding activity) Get to know each other better and develop trust within the team


role-playing, simulation

Place / Environment

A room similar to an apartment, that allows dividing a group into smaller, independent groups;

Tools / Materials / Resources

Walking sticks, blindfolds; 

One or two laptops with Jaws software installed;

Vegetables, spices, a knife, a bowl, a chopper (or any other items used for preparing a simple, raw meal)

Step by step description of the activity / content

The groups will simultaneously experience a day in the life of visually impaired people, having to fulfil a series of basic everyday-life tasks. The whole experiment will be recorded and the participants will be permanently accompanied, but they will not be given any help by the members of the team conducting the experiment. 

During the preparatory phase (15’), the participants will be taught how to walk using the white stick, how to read and how to use the computer using a screen reader software (Jaws), how to cook and do the tasks while blindfolded.

On the Green Ship, the management has hired people with special needs and is trying to involve them as much as possible in all the activities.  

One of the persons from the group will assist the others, who will be blindfolded, through the whole activity.

In the beginning of the activity, the participants will have to check their emails using the laptops with Jaws installed, and each of them will have to read the news from a different website; after that, they will have a 10-15 minutes discussion about the events of the day, based on what each of them has read.

The participants will have to go to the closest supermarket / hypermarket to buy the ingredients necessary for preparing lunch. They will be given permission to use the public transportation, if necessary; otherwise, they will have to walk the full distance. While shopping, it is up to them to decide whether they want to ask for strangers to help them or do the shopping by themselves.

When back at home, they will have to prepare and then eat lunch.


Assessment & Evaluation

The assessment is done during the final discussion, as the trainer ask questions to the group about how they understand the relationships between the message and the stakeholders.