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Toolkit - Mysteries on board


Mysteries on board

Learning areas » Green Ship


Discover how to put together more information from different sources to solve a mystery

Target group

15-18 years old, high school
Recommended size of the group –If the group is bigger than 15-divide them in to 6 groups (not more than 4 people in group)


45 mins

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Informational and communication technologies
  • Media literacy
  • Sense of self & community

Expected learning outcomes

● expanding ability to read and understand written texts; work with sources;distinguishing relevant from irrelevant information
● Exercising skills to listen with understanding; solving mysteries,problems; evaluate new knowledge
● developing skills for creative writing
● practicing skills for coo


discussion; storytelling;

Place / Environment

Training hall

Tools / Materials / Resources

laptop for each group ( optional, if the trainer decides to send the prestory by email);



Step by step description of the activity / content


The trainer selects a piece of literature or a story that presents a mystery, that allegedly happened on the “Green ship”. Than the trainer prepares three letters or emails (if chosen to use ICT) addressed to Sherlock Holmes (or another famous detective). Each letter or email should include details related to the case in question, but not enough to understand what has happened. However, when all three letters/emails are put together, they should contain sufficient information for the mystery to be solved. Every letter/email should be distributed to a third of the students.


The trainees are divided into small groups, not more than 4 trainees each. The trainer explains to the trainees that they are going to solve a mystery , but each group will have only part of the how information - so they have to read carefully the information they have in their small group and share it with the rest of the trainees. Each group receives different letters/emails ( If thе trainees are divided into 6 groups each two will receive the same letter/email.

The trainees should read the letter individually, then in their small groups decide how to summarise the letter/email for the rest of the trainees, what elements to select from the whole  information. The trainer could set a timer to make the training more challenging.

Each group summarises, through the voice of a rapporteur, the content of the letter/email to the other trainees. The trainees should be clearly instructed to select only the details they consider as relevant and important. No questions are allowed, during the reporting of the groups. The trainer has to make sure that non of the groups gives away the how story (if in the process is guessed)

The trainer has to be careful for the third group, because up to the point that the second group have reported the content of their letter/email,  the third might guess. 

Once all the groups have shared the information with the other trainees , they have to go back into their small groups and discuss what has happened, what the mystery is, and how it can be solved. Their task is to write a letter/email , signed by Sherlock Holmes, explaining the whole story. It is important that groups will work individually, without knowing what the others are guessing , or the whole real story. The letter should be written as a common product by the group.

After which, every group should read their letter/email to the others, in order to complete the real story and to solve the mystery of the “Green ship”.


The short discussion provokes accumulating feedback from the trainees themselves

Assessment & Evaluation

According to the specific scenario, the trainer may describe

the way they assess if the learning outcomes are achieved by the trainees