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Toolkit - Protocol of inner code


Protocol of inner code

Learning areas » Green Ship


We discover problems with ethical standards and intercultural communications and create a protocol to address problems in a communication

Target group

16-19 years-old
Recommended size of the group – 2 groups of 10 people each


45 minutes

Educational topics

WOW priority topics covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Informational and communication technologies
  • Sense of self & community

Expected learning outcomes

The trainees will learn:
- geting to know different ethic norms;
- how to communicate their ideas and collaborate with their team;
- to tolerate cultural diffrences;
- Better understanding multycultural comunication;


SWOT- analysis; pyramid; discussion 3 6 5 method;

Place / Environment

Training hall It is not necessary to be big, just enough for the training groups

Tools / Materials / Resources

Resources needed: paper, markers, sticky notes (optional)

Step by step description of the activity / content


According the current situation on  board of “Green ship”, multycultural diffrences:

  •  Give them hints/rolleplay or problem about ethical norms/ intercultural comunication.
  • Estemated time: 10 min.


  • start the exercise, dividing the trainees into 2 groups. Divided in groups, they are working on their own variation of protocol for inner code. In every group, there should be a different role, in order for them to produce a different product. 
  • Each participant should discuss with their teammates every ethic norm that should be included in their own protocols and make a group decision on which are the appropriate.
  • After around 35 min. every group is supposed to be ready with the draft of more than 5 steprs. ( the number of ethical problems??  should be equal to the number of participants in the group)


  • After that the two groups discuss their ethical problems one by one. After making an analisys  of the situation, choosing the best parts and combining them into one official document of “Protocol * code  of personal strategies in an ethical problem situations”.
  • The aim of this part of the training is for the trainees to collaborate and create one product, after discussing ethic norms.
  • For the purpose of the discussion could be used methods like:
  • pyramid (sorting out questions and conversations  by importance);
  • Estimated time: 15 min.
  • Break 10min. - time which the trainer could use to create a short test, using
  • After the discusion the trainer gives the short test, using

The idea of the kahoot test is to vote for the best ethic norms, that the trainees allready discused before the break.


The short discussion provokes accumulating feedback from the trainees themselves
Another option is a questionnaire.

Assessment & Evaluation

According to the specific scenario, the trainer may describe

the way they assess if the learning outcomes are achieved by the trainees